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Each of us is an energy field. Our physical body is based on our energy – and emanates from it, not the other way around.

In essence, at the core level of existence we are energetic beings. As human beings we are involved in a continuous process of receiving, perceiving and processing of energy. This energy flows through us via blood (it’s conductor) as chi.

Our subtle bodies and the energy centers that reside within them are responsible for energetic processes. Being subtle, those bodies are not physically seen as each energy (subtle) body correlates to a dimension.

Unfortunately by living with the idea that we are nothing but our physical bodies, assuming the ultimate reality is our material physical world we block our energy flow in all sorts of ways. Energy (subtle) body blocks manifest as ailments and dis-eases in the physical body.

True joy and happiness lay within each of us. However, we may be immune to that idea and dismiss it for most of us are harboring past traumas, events and unprocessed emotions as blocks in our bodies. Emotions after all are energy in motion and when suppressed, repressed and unexpressed become like dirt swept under the carpet. However, the more we sweep under the carpet the more the pile builds and eventually not even the front door will be able to open. Energy works no differently and when it is blocked it tends to poison our human experience from the inside out.

There are many ways in which energy can be identified, restored and released. This work requires attention, intention and awareness. All of which I am here to assist with so more and more of us can get in a state of flowing with life! Personally having experienced energetic problems that received no medical clarity or help I pursued intuitive healing and life coaching courses to heal myself. Having learned the hard way we are natural healers, I feel it is crucial for me to spread the word.

We all deserve to be truly happy & we should not feel confined to any past experiences, emotions or versions of self!

We do not need to be ill or stressed to take advantage of healing. It simply improves our sense of well being and helps us to prevent stress, strengthening us to face challenges of life with a smile.