Prayer for Freedom

The following prayer was sourced from Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements. The book itself was beyond insightful and eye-opening and I could not recommend it enough. Incorporating this prayer into the daily routine is a useful way to stay balanced, practice discipline and commitment to self and most importantly to connect us withContinue reading “Prayer for Freedom”

Healing and Ascension

The following affirmations appeal to the facilitation of natural healing/restoration of energy flow. As human beings we ascend in consciousness naturally but for this we require harmonious energy flow. Therefore, when we begin healing/restoring our energy flow from the inside-out, we also inevitably begin to ascend in consciousness. In other words, our awareness begins toContinue reading “Healing and Ascension”

Chakra Affirmations

The following affirmations appeal to the 7 chakras residing in each human body. These chakras are responsible for perception, regulation and transmutation of energy and therefore for our overall health – mental and physical. The intention of the below affirmations is to recognize, acknowledge and stimulate our chakras, consciously. By doing so, we both stimulateContinue reading “Chakra Affirmations”


The following affirmations appeal to the nurture and growth of self-love. Choose whichever ones resonate most with your self. Make a list of resonating affirmations and repeat them daily until it becomes habit Do not repeat one’s that do not resonate Be sure to repeat affirmations with conscious intention and attention Why not also createContinue reading “Self-Love”

The Unconscious and the Conscious: two aspects of one Self

We hear and use words such as consciousness, conscious, subconscious but do we really understand the meaning of such words? What is consciousness anyway? Consciousness is concerned with our awareness. Awareness is concerned with what we notice. Likewise unconscious means unaware. Therefore, the unconscious is concerned with what we do not notice. We are allContinue reading “The Unconscious and the Conscious: two aspects of one Self”