Prayer for Freedom

The following prayer was sourced from Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements.

The book itself was beyond insightful and eye-opening and I could not recommend it enough.

Incorporating this prayer into the daily routine is a useful way to stay balanced, practice discipline and commitment to self and most importantly to connect us with the frequency of love – the frequency of The Creator.

Today, Creator of the Universe, we ask that you come to us and share with us a strong communion of love. We know that your real name is love, that to have a communion with you means to share the same vibration, the same frequency that you are, because you are the only thing that exists in the Universe.

Today, help us to be like you are, to love life, to be life, to be love. Help us to love the way you love, with no conditions, no expectations, no obligations, without any judgment. Help us to love and accept ourselves without any judgments, because when we judge ourselves, we find ourselves guilty and we need to be punished.

Help us to love everything you create unconditionally, especially other human beings. Because when we reject them, we reject ourselves, and when we reject ourselves, we reject you.

Help us to love others just the way they are with no conditions. Help us to accept them the way they are, without any judgment, because if we judge them, we find them guilty, and we have the need to punish them.

Today, we clean our hearts of any and all emotional poison that we’re experiencing or harbouring, we free our minds from any judgment so that we can live in complete peace and complete love.

Today is a very special day. Today we open our hearts to love again so that we can tell each other “I love you” without any fear and really mean it.

Today, we offer ourselves to you. Come to us, use our voice, use our eyes, use our hands and use our hearts to share ourselves in a communion of love with every body.

Today, Creator, help us to be just like you are. Thank you for every thing we receive this day, especially for the freedom to be whom we really are.

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