Consumption: The Black Hole that is our Existence

What is consuming?

Consuming is some thing we do on a daily basis. As a world and as a collective society we have gotten ourselves trapped into endless consumption.

As children we are conditioned to perceive life as a never-ending ladder to man’s idea of heaven – material ‘success’, in other terms to acquire matter. As much as possible. Who cares for the why because we are pitched the idea that life is like a competition of acquiring some form of matter, mainly money. With that money we are encouraged to attain more and more matter, with no apparent final destination of acquisition.

We consume ideas, food, said entertainment, media, sounds – more or less every thing and any thing. There is so much to consume in this world it’s truly overwhelming, especially since we are conditioned and rewarded to function at a ‘more, more, more yet never enough’ consumption state of mind.

The real issue is that by constantly consuming, we kind of forgot whom we are… even when we do remember and step back into our shared world – we can forget very quickly. This is because by doing, we become. For we are human beings, not human doers. Thus essentially by constantly consuming we have detached from nature – from being human beings, and we have entered into an absurd existence of human doers by constantly doing. There is no limit to our doing and thus we become human doers.

Consuming and doing is so ingrained into our functioning, into our ego minds that when (and for some of us – if) we take time out to simply be, we find that it appears to be the most uncomfortable thing ever. All the suppressed and denied emotions and situations begin to arise, all the real life experience we denied ourselves because we were too ‘busy’ doing some thing arises within us. When this happens we are often overcome by an intense urge to do some thing to escape our own mind. We are overcome by an urge to do instead of be, because that is how strongly and effectively we have been conditioned and programmed.

This programming of constant doing – constant consumption blocks us from realizing that our thirst for doing will not be quenched. When we achieve something we have been working towards achieving and anticipating the completion of, we are inevitably hit with the daunting ‘what now’ upon completion of a prior task.

Consumerism is the most detrimental aspect of our every day lives. There is no real distinction between the words human and consumer for we all consume every single day and are conditioned towards consuming as much as our greedy asses ‘want’. We’re so detached from our true nature we do not even know what we want, nor do we consciously differentiate between want and need.

See the thing about continuous consumption is that it traps us into the most self-destructive habit of focusing on external stimuli only. We are so focused on every thing outside of us, we not only neglect awareness of our inner states but we lose alignment with what and whom we truly are inside.

Worst of all we rely on external stimuli to stimulate us internally. Yet what was just described is a backwards manifestation process but see the thing is manifestation does not work backwards and so we all inevitably have to learn the hard way that no amount of matter (any type of material whether it be money, clothes, Gameboy, phone, house, car etc) will fail to truly make us feel any real way inside.

How we feel completely depends on our inner state of being which in turn manifests as our external ‘I’ – the Self we present to the external world.

As active players in the external world we are literally living backwards! After all, the saying ‘less is more’ did not come from nowhere. It is the truth. Real truth of actual reality.

Consumerism is no different than a cursed never-ending cycle which is sure to act as shackles to the potential of our consciousness, to the potential of our life experience. The potential of us.


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