The Four Immutable Laws of Spirit

Life is complex and difficult yet joyous and abundant. Life is two opposing sides to one whole coin. We cannot have one side such as joy without the other – suffering.

In order to spiritually evolve we must be open and accepting of suffering as much as we are open to joy and laughter. This is easier said than done of course and during tough times it is comforting for our being to remember the immutable laws of spirit.

Immutable because they cannot and never will be changed, spirit is a synonym for energy just as energy is a synonym for spirit. Thus, these unchanging laws of energy are crucial for our energetic evolution – evolution of consciousness.

Without the reminder of these laws it can be extra difficult to overcome suffering and much easier to allow it to swallow us. Without them, it can be difficult to accept reality for what it is.

1. Whoever shows up are exactly the right people to show up

2. When it begins is exactly the right time

3. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened

4. When it’s over, it’s over

Applying these four unchanging laws of energy to our daily lives allows us to flow with the flow that is life – spirit – experience of. When we do not, on the other hand, we become unbalanced and overcome by suffering. We feel unable to overcome the suffering for we have allowed it to overcome us by blocking our mental energy. We block our mental energy with limiting thoughts as limiting thoughts block the flow of energy. We do not accept reality for what it is and thus any external stimuli and sources that reflect actual reality are pushed into our subconscious mind rather than processed by our conscious mind for we are in active denial of reality. Therefore, we cannot perceive it. We will perceive only what our thoughts – what our mental energy will allow us to and when it acts like it only desires a skewed reality, that’s what it will perceive consciously. This happens because when we block our mental energy with limiting thoughts and agreements, we block our conscious evolution. We block the evolution of our awareness, like being stuck in time energetically/spiritually whilst time and life goes by around us.

The truth is, we are the masters of our reality, our own existence. Freedom lay within us, not outside of us. The only enemy, the only competition in each and every life time will be our own self – the ultimate war of ego vs being, light vs dark, angel vs demon, god vs devil.

This war is and has been eternal and we experience it as both the place of worship that is our body and the vessel of temptation and corruption that we experience through it.

We are both and this war is very real and very dominant in our consciousness, our daily existence, for it is Us.

And it is happening inside Each. One. Of. Us.

© Healing to Health

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