Money is not our Purpose, in fact it blocks it

We were all born into a world that has come to an unspoken agreement, an agreement to the idea that money is the purpose of life. It’s not so much money as an object that we are conditioned to believe is our only goal – it is the acquisition of. It’s all about getting money, having money, making money, all about doing some thing to acquire money.

This unspoken agreement, this subconscious conditioning is exactly what blocks us from following a purposeful path because it blocks us from us.


Well, we are creators. We are active manifestors and we are manifesting – creating every second of every day. We are powerful. See awareness of this truth is all that is in question in our existence. In fact, for no good reasons this truth is suppressed and hidden from us. We are both a subconscious and a conscious mind – a product of both as a whole. This truth can either be present in our conscious awareness, our every day lives or it can stay suppressed and linger around in our subconscious, itching to get out, to be expressed.

The truth is every thing is energy, beginning with us and ending with matter and our world of ‘things’ such as money. The universal laws clearly and in detail explain to us exactly how we manifest only what we are.

What does that mean?

Well, if all we are is energy and energy that we are is determined through emotions – energy in motion. So whatever we are thinking about determines the energy frequency we vibrate at. This sounds complicated so drawing back on the example of money, if we are in our thoughts in a place of lack – we essentially are lack, energetically. Therefore, we will manifest lack of money. That is how powerful we are.

Seeing not only ourselves as physical matter but things like money is a way our conscious evolution is blocked. Our awareness becomes blocked, meaning our manifestation power is limited and far more difficult to execute.

Money is not our purpose and if we are always in a state of being in our mind that focuses on acquisition, we are in trouble. When we seek, we are automatically, energetically in a state of lack.

Otherwise, why would we actively be seeking without ever attaining ‘enough’?

We only trick ourselves with words and thinking, because the universe only communicates in action. The universe only responds to what we put out in action and only brings us what we put out – energetically, vibrationally. When we act like we lack, we believe we lack, that is what we become. When we are being lack, we receive lack.

When asked what is our ultimate goal/ purpose and we think it is money, we will spend our lives completely wasting our time. We’ll be sucked into endless cycles of doing things we do not like doing in order to go on living, that is, in order to go on doing the things we do not like doing. In this scenario, it would be better to have a short life that is full of what we like doing than a life spent in a miserable way.

But the beautiful truth is that our lives are not short, we are eternal beings simply experiencing being human. It’s literally in the words. When we turn our focus inwards, on our true purpose – we will attract all the abundance that being our authentic true self brings. That of course includes money, abundance of. The point is to focus on what we came here to create as the unique aspect of The Creator residing within us and thus we will be provided will all material needs to keep doing the Creators work.

Speaking from experience, he is an abundant and generous Source.

I suggest imposing the following questions on your Self to identify your individual purpose. You can even jot them down and see what comes to mind without prejudice or judgment

– what would I do if money were no object?

what do I desire?

what makes me itch?

© Healing to Health

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