Intention – Uncovering the Truth

Every single thing in existence came about from intention because without intention there is no creation. Every thing that exists would not exist if the intention behind the creation of all things was not present first. In fact, intention is the determining factor of all actions and behaviours. Therefore, awareness of actions and behaviour reflects intention. In the bigger picture of life, intention decides our karma, karma being the never ending action-reaction chain that is the human experience.

The question ‘why’ appeals to the intention of behaviour, action and creation – all three making up the daily experience of being human.

The fact that ‘why’ digs right into intention behind All things is probably why people hate when we ask them why. It’s probably why teachers and parents would be overcome with irritation from us when we asked why a lot, because we were naturally looking for the truth in the sea of confusion we were being mentally spoon-fed.

See the problem is that we as a society have been living under an umbrella called ‘normal’ where it is encouraged and rewarding to follow impulses and desires like animals, to gratify our never ending ego desires, to fuel the destructive element of fire within us – not tame it. The problem mainly is that not all of us chose to be born under such an umbrella and thus participate unconsciously never understanding our never ending suffering. Regardless of how much material and external ‘things’ we acquire – we still feel lack.


As it seems it is because not only do we act unintentionally most of the time, we do not assess or reflect upon our true desires. This is the real gateway to hell for desire through intention is exactly how we manifest. Without intention we manifest all sort of confusion.

So if intention is the driving force of manifestation how can we truly bring about fulfilling life circumstances if we are acting unintentionally, without much conscious awareness. Yet we do not stop manifesting for we are creators and we create while we are alive, every second of every day.

Yet we all live in a shared dream where we do not really know what we want nor do we differentiate between want and need consciously. How often do we ask ourselves why we want some thing? Why we act in certain ways? Why certain things make us feel certain emotions? Why don’t we ask ourselves why more often? Why don’t we self-inquire?

Asking ourselves why is the first step to self awareness and self-realization. This is because asking why uncovers intention, even our own – especially the subconscious intentions that drive our behaviour and actions. Uncovering intention is crucial to participate in this game of life consciously because intention determines result.

By being aware of our intentions and locating our true ones can we truly garner fulfilling results. Without intention we are no different than mental autopilot mode yet the mental aspect of us is just the brain aspect, just the human aspect.

But we not just humans. We are human beings – being the energy, the spirit, the life force that animates our human aspect. In order to experience life as dual being we cannot simply rely on our ego, on our mental energy to experience life for the mental energy is simply another hidden sense. Mental energy is a means of experiencing life – it is not the life experience.

Asking why, identifying our true intentions and acting from such conscious awareness allows us to align with our higher self, our true self – eternal being aspect of us. Doing so allows us to not only identify and know oneself, but to also become aware of the intentions of others and the world at large.

Asking why and identifying intention uncovers the truth both of Self and others, allowing us to experience life from a perspective of wholeness rather than unintentional confusion.

The Creator is not interested in what we do, only in the why we do it.

© Healing to Health

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