Embracing Truth – The Path to Redemption

Truth is God

Well.. what does that even mean? What is God? What is Truth?

God is the Creator, he is the beginning and the end, he is the source of all life and he lives through us, as us. The question is, do we allow him to?

Queue the truth!

We can begin to comprehend God as truth and God within us as the truth within us. We do this by being honest, first with Self and thus with others. Honesty is all about being the authentic being , the expression of whom and what we are. The authentic true self is the one we tend to hide from the world instead of allowing it to express its authentic creativity it came here to. Why do we do this?

How can we have a relationship with God, with our true inner selves, if we do not have a relationship with our truth? If we have no relationship with what we really think and desire. See because nothing in our existence is separate, in fact all is dual, our external world is a direct reflection of our inner world. This means that if we cannot be honest with our own selves, we automatically cannot be, and are not honest in our external projection of Self. That’s just how the cookie crumbles and none of us as an exception to this way of God, of the Creator.

He is humorous and we know this (unconsciously) because we laugh every time some thing is expressed externally that contradicts or exposes the internal working we usually hide. He is us, as us and thus we’re the ones laughing at the deception of this entire existence. However, objective awareness of ourselves requires us to be truthful, to be honest both with Self and others for there is no other way to worship the Spirit that is Us. When we give to the Spirit that is us, with truth honesty and purity, with kindness towards self and others it gives us awareness. It allows us to ascend in consciousness, bringing us closer to experiencing life as we know it from the inner perspective of Heaven.

It might sound complicated but it’s really simple. When we create deception, we perceive and receive deception. When we create honesty, clarity and truth, we perceive and receive all three in Self, thus others and thus the world.

To achieve clarity we must look within, with heart open honesty, without prejudice – first, so that we can begin to see the world outside of us for what it really is. By acknowledging and realizing our truth, we begin to notice and realize the truth outside of us regardless of the manipulation and subliminal messaging we are exposed to.

To align with truth is possibly the most difficult and emotionally challenging hurdle of spiritual growth but it is the most ecstatic catalyst to alignment with our Higher Selves. It is difficult to be honest in a world made to deceive, a world that rewards deceit and condemns the truth but this is the point – we must sacrifice our false ego beliefs and behaviours to show God as us through us where our loyalty lies. Only then do we begin to reap the rewards of doing God’s work through us, as us. Experiencing our God-self being is the reward for being the truth. For by doing and being the truth – we become it.

But we cannot relate to this description unless we have jumped the hurdle, used our inner confidence to be honest with both ourselves and others.

And so I guess the question is, how will you ever believe me if you don’t try it? How will you have the chance to experience it if you don’t try it?

When we seek the truth in ourselves and honour the essence of who we are, we find that peace, that abundance and the life that’s destined for us, despite our preconceived thoughts about ourselves.

Our truth is discovery of the self and others in a way that let us see and experience the multiple layers of the human condition.

This discovery is a crucial part of both human and spiritual growth in this life because ‘truths’ valid at one level of consciousness (awareness) are not valid at any other stage of the evolution of consciousness. This is why clinging onto concrete ideas by agreeing to them and accepting them as absolute truths is the root cause of both internal and external conflict. This applies to ideas we agree to about ourselves and the world at large. The trouble being that such conflict causes confusion and confusion causes fog – lack of clarity – lack of truth.

It would be ideal to approach life with the idea that our truth leaves room for more truth around us. To allow ourselves to flow and be open to all ideas without clinging onto any as a concrete and limiting idea. This way we give our consciousness eternal opportunities to notice, to learn, to grow, to expand.

The pursuit of truth does not mean we will not allow ourselves to be deceived, it means that we will not deceive any body, not even ourselves.

Embrace your truth!

© Healing to Health

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