The Unconscious and the Conscious: two aspects of one Self

We hear and use words such as consciousness, conscious, subconscious but do we really understand the meaning of such words?

What is consciousness anyway? Consciousness is concerned with our awareness. Awareness is concerned with what we notice. Likewise unconscious means unaware. Therefore, the unconscious is concerned with what we do not notice.

We are all taught that both of these aspects; subconscious and conscious, make up the human brain and functioning – the human experience. We are actually informed that awareness and unawareness are two equal parts of our being. So how is there so much ‘sureness’ in this world, in religion, in law, in science?

If unconsciousness resides within us that means there are aspect of our own Self we are unaware of. It means that hidden matter and aspects which we have no awareness of, in our own Self, is responsible for half of our functioning and experience of life.

Maybe that’s why psychologists claim that there is no thing more scary than a man that is absolutely sure of every thing. A man that claims to know all. Because in actuality the irony is that the less we know, the more aware we are. The more we know, the less aware we become.

Knowledge is a process and not a product, it has no end. Our mental energy relies on our conscious awareness of the present and past to drive our behaviour, yet overly relying on our conscious awareness – ‘knowledge’ and other limiting beliefs actually increases our subconscious, not our conscious. Because limiting beliefs shut the never ending possibilities and interconnections of All things right into the subconscious mind.

If the limit of our consciousness is the limit of our world – applying and holding onto limiting beliefs by choice is self-destructive to our lifetime potential, to our destiny.

To tap into this dark aspect of self we must face all that we encounter both within our mind and in the external world with no prejudice. We must allow ourselves to simply be. We are so programmed and conditioned into doing, into pacifying our senses endlessly that when we take time and space to do nothing but be – all the suppressed thoughts, experiences and emotions begin to arise from our subconscious.

Only by facing whatever arises, feeling it and consciously releasing it do we free the space in our unconsciousness it occupied. Meaning it cleared some of the shadow – automatically increasing the light/ consciousness.

We are both light and dark, each one of us a yin yang in a human body. The shadow, the uncomfortable are just as natural as the comfortable aspects of being human. By shunning one out we create an imbalance, a block in awareness, in consciousness. When we deny aspects of Self, we inevitably will deny aspects of others for all are only mirror aspects of us. When we do this we do not notice aspects of reality of self, of others, of the world.

When we do this we suffer what feels like never ending cycles of suffering.

The truth is, we are the masters of our existence, of our being. Thank your body every day and listen to it, allow your self to feel it. We are both light and dark, aware and unaware, but we are all capable of facing the dark, the unaware to become consciously aware – consciously experiencing life as it is, for all it is.

As One.

© Healing to Health


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