Confusion: The Wall between you and your Higher Self

Have you ever struggled with feelings of inadequacy? lack of clarity of self and others? Unexplainable and irrational fear? Not wanting to spend time alone? Have you struggled with feeling simply lost, foggy and confused? Like maybe you do not belong? Like there is some thing more to life? Like things simply do not make sense.

The trouble is, the more we think the more confused we get.

The more questions we ask the less answers we get. The more answers we get the more questions we have. The more we know the less we are aware of. Is this really what life is about? 

We are so confused and full of unfinished thoughts we suffer all sorts of physical ailments, unexplainable torturous lingering thought patterns and cycles which only lead to more confusion. We are so confused we have created more confusion to try and explain our confusion, to ‘fix’ it. Some of us even get told we have mental illness, which is due to excess confusion but then we simply become the label of the diagnosis – because we do not know the difference between prognosis and diagnosis and we all too easily and quickly rely on others – who at their essence are just like us.

Well what is confusion any way? Is it agreeing to things and ideas that we do not fully understand? Is it not finishing thoughts and ideas to their death a.k.a not thinking things through (to their death)? Is it constant exposure to ideas, forms and stimuli that we do not fully understand but harbor?

Or is it all of the above?

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Confusion acts like a fog, a smog that lingers in our mental energy and dilutes our capacity to be in the present moment, to truly live, to truly experience life.

Aside from our unique individual circumstances, we as a whole  are confused. We are confused because we are out of touch with nature – what is natural. Most of us in the Western world are out of touch with actual Nature – where Spirit (energy) that is life force is dominantly present. To add to the damaging deprivation, we are also out of touch our inner nature – with truth. We are out of touch with our Higher Selves/God-selves, the being aspect of the human being dual creature we are. It is not our fault, we were simply born into an ego-driven world. The sad part being ego-driven mindsets shut out our heart centre, our Higher Selves and thus, our intuitive insight.

It is worth noting every thing is connected, especially our inner and outer worlds. Nothing exists separately regardless of how it appears, separation is just a way of speaking. This is obvious from our inability to explain one thing without explaining another without explaining another – because one thing is connected to all things in one way or another meaning one thing affects all things in one way or another. Thinking otherwise, especially since thinking creates our realities, is where and how we disconnect.

Disconnection from our inner reality and all it entails is also disconnecting from authenticity outside of us. Again, because every thing is interconnected and interrelated. Disconnection from both inner and external nature (what is natural, what flows, what is pure – what we usually hide and suppress) is the main reason we are stuck in continuous cycles of suffering. We are so out of touch and distracted, ‘too busy’ consuming sources of confusion to even notice how out of touch we truly are.

We have dissociated from our own intentions, from objective self-reflection, from our true desires, from being able to differentiate between want and need, from controlling our impulsive behaviour. We have disconnected from being our own true selves – nature itself.

To disconnect from Self is to disconnect from All, to be disconnected from Self is to be disconnected from All.

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The disconnection is nothing but an illusion for we are with nature just as much as we are nature. Nature occurs, nature is not forced or controlled by man and thus to begin the process of breaking illusion we must become aware, with practice, what it is that naturally flows to and through us. Most importantly we must break the illusionary chains that hold us back from authentic expression, from expressing what is naturally us.

We are children of this Earth and the only validation and acceptance we need was granted by us through the gift of being born in the first place.

Start to love your self by aligning and uncovering your true self. Start to love your self by asking your self; Who Am I? with an open mind, with no prejudice of thought, just let it flow. Do this every day until you are submerged in the evidence of self-discovery. God dwells in us, as us, and God is not the author of confusion.

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