Thought – The Powerful 6th Sense

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The Eye of Horus is an Egyptian symbol. It is a visual representation of the ancient Vedic system of the senses. It depicts not only the five senses we acknowledge today but also a 6th one – thinking. Interestingly, the roots humanity’s history which we are merely a byproduct of, considered thinking as a sense. Evidently, failing to realize, acknowledge and use thinking as a tool, just like any other sense, has proven to be disastrous for humanity and the Earth. Never before has there been so much thinking yet so much confusion in the history of existence. Thinking is a tool and in general humans do not tend to use tools without having awareness of what the tool is and how exactly to use it. Yet thinking is one of our main 6 tools of this life experience and yet not only are we clueless to it and it’s power, we have have become identified with this sense.

This is no different than attempting a skillful tool job without knowledge of the skill nor the tool – nor is this any less dangerous.

The biggest aspect of disaster being that many of us have become slaves of our own thinking, the byproducts of overloaded, confused and mostly fear-based thought in action. What do we do when we get stuck in such self-destructive hell-like cycles? Well, of course we think more! Just like throwing gasoline on an already untameable fire we add salt to the gashing wound of thinking by over-analysing our over-analysed thoughts which only breed more questions, more confusion, thus more thoughts only wastes more energy.

With all the natural complexity for us all to explore and experience, we do not. Because we waste most of our energy all through the sense of thought, through processes of thinking.

Just like all of our senses, thinking requires energy. Thinking is a process of doing, doing being the opposite of being. See it is all really ironic, if we spend less time thinking (doing) and more time being, we will find that our Universe is pretty humorous.

Suffering and pain as well as a lack of acceptance of both are more than often the main cause of long-term or ongoing suffering. We get caught up in loops of wasting energy by wasting energy which wastes more energy which stresses us out (wasting energy) so we try to think of ways (using energy) to try (using energy) to stop thinking (using energy). Using energy to stop using energy is just as logical as any ‘logical’ conclusion reached via excessive and untamed processes of thinking.

The disappointing aspect of the pitfall of thinking is that it engages our energy and orientation so much we fail to realize the fact that while we are energetically absent – stuck in an endless cycle of thoughts that lead nowhere, life around us keeps going. Time keeps passing, each moment being change in action whilst we’re too occupied with our mental energy in ways that will entrap us further.

Thinking is no different to any physical activity we do and it requires our attention. Yet this truth is difficult to realize for those of us whom have simply become byproducts of thinking rather than human beings, we are too busy acting like human doers to realize the truth – that we are not that.

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This truth is a huge stepping stone in detaching self from thought and allowing to experience the experience of simply being, simply observing thoughts rather than becoming them, being a victim, a product of thought. The human aspect of our existence does the doing while the being aspect of us observes the doing. By acknowledging and relating to our nature of simply being – we gain the capacity and capability to balance this aspect of being with the aspect of doing. This way we allow our selves to truly experience life as a dual being. Yet we cannot attain nor experience balance without reflecting upon the aspects as separate and realizing them both to be two sides of one coin – two aspects of one existence. Without this balance our experience of being is no longer that, it is simply a cycle of endless doing, endless unsatisfying craving to ‘do’ every thing except for being, except for accepting what is, for what it is.

Excepting is the opposite of accepting. Acceptance is the key to being and is crucial for our capability to simply be. Without unconditionally accepting one self and thus others, we find it uncomfortable if not overly difficult to be without an overwhelming desire to do some thing. Unconditional acceptance allows us to relate more to The Observer, the being aspect of self rather than the human, the doer aspect of self. When we relate and associate with The Observer aspect of self, we are capable of staying still and simply being, detaching from all forms of doing (including thinking). We can achieve this by accepting ourselves, those around us and our life circumstances for what they are. This way we will not be attacked and overwhelmed by what we think they are, think they might be, think they should be, think how they might turn out to be, basically doing every thing other than letting them and our selves simply be.

The main issue with thinking is that through our over-reliance on thought, we seek to understand the world not by our inner consciousness (inner world) but by quantifying and analysing what we perceive to be the external world. We do this by using only thought with reliance on scientific means, which were attained only through thought. Yet the unacknowledged truth remains, thinking only leads to more thinking.

Attempting to ‘fix’ an issue raised through thought using thought only leads to two more problems because we use the external world as a basis for thought, never turning that attention inwards to think maybe the ‘fix’ aspects lays within – not outside of us. This is as ironic as how every body thinks of changing the world but no body thinks of changing him or her self. Its is no different than a dog chasing its own tail.

“Know thyself” has been replaced by an unsatisfying desire to ‘know’ and experience the world of form through the senses. Using the blueprint of the illusion to understand the illusion is no different to entering a black hole because by doing this we associate and thus limit our experience of being to our senses – failing to realize whom we truly are is the One experiencing, not the means through which experience is experienced.

By failing to fully acknowledge, understand and employ the sense of thought we inevitably become byproducts, victims of it. A lack of understanding of any thing leads us to fear that thing. Our understanding of our senses, of our selves is no exception to this. Therefore, we are not just our thoughts, but we fear them too. Anxiety is a common label for this process. 

Unaccepted thoughts are deemed ‘dark’ by the dismissive, controlling thoughts resulting in shadow aspect formation within our being. Shadows form due to a lack of acceptance for what is, shadows are experiences denied, emotions denied. Just like all inner realities, our shadow aspects come out to play every now and then and if left unsupervised and unmanaged, the expression of self that we become can be the shadow self. Essentially, we are only afraid of ourselves and not the external world. The external world simply plays on the fears residing within for the external world is no thing but a projection of our inner states of being. 

Know thyself, in other words, understand your self and you will come to realize there is no thing to fear for through ignorance, you have been afraid of your own inner power.

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“One who looks outside – dreams. One who looks inside – awakens.”
– Carl Jung

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