The Mind vs The Observer

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In advance – sorry for the realness guys but facing and diving right into the shadow aspects of existence are exactly how we not only fully comprehend the light but we can actively choose to be it.

Our thinking minds drive us towards a sense of stability, of comfort, towards sense pacification. Towards comfort seeking, which is ultimately not only fear-based thinking but fear-based behaviour in full swing action. Our hearts have become disconnected from spiritual life. Disconnected from the law of change. Disconnected from our inner nature and for most in the Western world – disconnected from external nature too. Yet we want change and stability at the same time.We constantly try to occupy our minds through consumerism. Constantly mesmerised by new ways to distract our selves, new ways to consume, new ways to pacify/gratify our six senses (smell, see, hear, think, taste and touch). Most of us are stuck in such cycles of constantly craving and yet never truly reaching a fulfilling point of satisfaction regardless of how much we distract, consume and gratify our senses.

We create illusionary problems through thought and become imprisoned in an illusion that we must ‘fix’ the illusionary problem through more thinking. The problems being uncomfortable thoughts and emotions which we then suppress, causing a mental or physical issue if not both. We become so busy thinking about thinking we lose touch with our true selves and reality.

We get so accustomed to pushing away thoughts and emotions, not realizing that whatever we resist – persists and thus get caught up in loops of running away from such aspects of our inner selves, pretending to be too busy pacifying our senses to look inside at the root cause of our constant need and desire to pacify our senses in the first place. The more we resist some thing, the stronger it gets, the more dominantly it persists. This is not just true for our inner selves but also the entire world and its seemingly never-ending swarm of ‘problems’ – which is truly just a reflection of the inner turmoil going on inside us globally.

Western cultures rely on thought and analysis in an attempt to explore the physical realm and then use it as a base to explain what the physical eye cannot see. Attempting to explain the effect with out acknowledging the cause and only using the effects of the cause to explain the effects will lead to  more questions, more confusion and no sight of understanding nor comprehension.

If knowledge exists for the process of becoming aware, how come the more wide-spread knowledge we consume the less consciously aware we become?

Buddhism teaches us that we are not the content of our mind or our thoughts. We are not merely a collection of thoughts and ideas because behind the thoughts is the one witnessing them – The Observer. To identify with The Observer within rather than the restless, conditioned and programmed brain is to access true freedom – it is to become true freedom.

The Observer within each of us resides at our heart centre. The centre of Oneness, of Unity. Our mind is a dual organ that separates into good and bad, god and devil, low and high, up and down. This never-ending battle of opposing thoughts occurs within the solar plexus chakra – between the navel and the breast bone. It is crucial for our survival to a certain extent but when conditioned, programmed and over-relied on the mind via thought heavily exceeds its service point and only causes disservice in our life experience, choices and circumstances.

The heart, on the other hand does not separate, it does not discriminate nor does it judge. The heart is the centre of acceptance, forgiveness as well as love and purity. Our heart has an intelligence of its own just like our brain. An intelligence that operates through oneness and unity (non-duality) rather than separation (duality) which is what the mind does.

Essentially, the eternal war of ‘head vs heart’ has really been referring to an imbalance between the solar plexus and heart chakra. The centre responsible for mental energy, for thinking, centre of fear vs the centre responsible for unconditional love, acceptance, unity and oneness. We feel this war physically as anxiety or heart palpitations or any imbalances occurring in the body between the navel and the throat area.

The Egyptians believed that it is the heart and not the mind that is the ultimate source of human wisdom. They considered the heart to be the centre of the energy/astral bodies (what people call the soul). It is through the heart that the Divine speaks.

The less we rely on our heart the less we garner and harness its qualities, the more reliant we become on our mind which ironically results in us feeling like we are losing our mind. It is a sort of over-exertion due to overdrive. It is a symptom of the truth – that we are not made to rely on our thinking minds. The mind is the centre of the ego, of the ‘I’. It is the master of control and it accumulates its power over us through fear-based thinking and behaviour. It is our ego identity that always wants to find an answer. The truth is that all questions are created through the egoic mind. We are not our minds. The truth lay not in more answers but in less questions. The truth lay in being.

We are the experience it self rather than the means by which experience is attained.

“I don’t think people are searching for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive”  – Joseph Campbell

When Buddha was asked “who are you” his answer was “I am awake”. The process of becoming awake is some thing we are capable of but just as the flowering of each individual life is different, our individual means of attaining a state of being awake is unique to us. Being awake to Buddha meant the end of all suffering and each major religion has a name for this state of being like Nirvana or Heaven.As humanity we have elevated thinking to such a high status we have limited and trapped our selves by identifying our selves and who we are using our thoughts. The fact that we do not count thinking as one of the six senses any more is very significant. We are so immersed and lost in thoughts and all the ideas and illusions they have created that trying to explain it as one of the senses is like explaining water to fish.

What and whom we are is not that which the mind can think, but that whereby the mind can think. Whom and what we are is not the means through which we experience life, but the being that is observing and experiencing, the one which is the source of our life, the means of our existence. Whom we truly are is that aspect of Source, of God that fuels and animates our bodies. The body is the vessel through which we experience life, it is not the beginning nor the end it is simply a vessel for this school of human life – of human experience.

Earth is like a school for the evolution of our soul and in realizing this truth we lose the limits we have put on our bodies and our life experience with our thinking minds.

Alignment with The Observer residing within us or in other words opening the heart centre is experienced as one’s own energy as the energy of The Universe – being one with it. It is the merging of the inner and outer worlds and the experience of their existence as one, of their existence as us.

Thinking, acting and doing must be brought into balance by being in order to experience life and being as its full potential intended for us by God.

We are not our thoughts, we are that which we experience thought by.

Never forget you are not your mind – God dwells in you, as You.

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