Prayanama – Conscious Breath Work

Prana” refers to Universal life force and “ayama” means to regulate or lengthen. Pranayama is the control/conscious direction of of life force energy through the breath.

There are a handful techniques all of which involve breathing through the nostrils in a specific pattern of inhalation, breath retention & exhalation. Incorporating pranayama exercises into daily life harmonises the body, mind & soul bringing about a sense of alignment between the three, as ultimately they all make up one body – one being. It is a perfect way to tap into the solar plexus chakra, the inner strength, power & confidence chakra as it provides mental and physical strength from within – out.

The key to a healthy, joyful & purposeful living lies in the breath. Paying attention to our breath assists us in simply being in the present moment, increasing our self-awareness and sense of calm. Pranayama goes deeper than simply paying attention to our breath, using specific rhythms & techniques to access and unlock numerous benefits on mental, spiritual and physical levels.

Pranayama can be considered as active meditation. Some of the benefits of Pranayama breath work include;

-> calms the mind, reduces worry & anxiety

-> improves focus, attention & removes brain fog

-> increases energy levels – feeling alive, brings enthusiasm & positivity

-> strengthens immune system, rejuvenates mind, soul & body

Rather than allowing the emotions we experience to alter, halt & jolt our breathing, through conscious and intentional use of breath as well as the incorporation of breathing exercises into every day life we can not only transform our emotional states but also learn to control the perception & metabolization of energy in motion (emotions) through conscious breathing.

Common Pranayama/ breathing exercises include:

• UJJAYI breathing

• BHASTRIKA pranayama

• BHRAMARI pranayama

• NADI SHODHAN pranayama (alternate nostril breathing)

Overall, understanding and practicing pranayama is a powerful tool for enhancing well-being & inner peace. Not only that but conscious breathing brings harmony, balance & strength into our human experience, it aligns us with our inner power, our unique self & our Higher purpose in this life.

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