Dharma – The Purposeful Path

The roots & origins of Dharma lay in Vedic literature. Dharma is linked to Lord Krishna in Hinduism & Hindu culture as well as the teachings & practice of the Buddha. In fact, Dharma was the main focus of Buddha’s meditations.

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Dharma is not a religious concept, it is a Universal truth, Dharma is the Universe inside and outside of us. The practice of Dharma on the other hand is concerned with the individual piece of the Universe residing within us, the life force which fuels/animates our body. It is concerned with realizing and being the aspect of the Creator residing within us, the aspect of the Creator we incarnated to express – to be.

Dharma is one of the main aims of one’s life.There is no direct translation from Sanskrit for the word Dharma, the closest English word associations are “right direction”, “rightful duty” and ”rightful living” but in general Dharma is closely related to the concept of occupation. Occupation being the ‘work’ one was born to do, the work which is born from the inner light, the light of the Creator which dwells within each of us.

Dharma is unchanging Universal law, the meaning of righteousness in sustaining the world order.  Simply put, Dharma can be thought of as the soul’s code of ethics, responsibilities & desires. Dharma is not just a word it is more like a wide concept, carrying deep meaning.

There is no end or beginning here or a conclusion, simply an alignment journey back to our (Higher) Self during which we are capable of accessing our individual path our soul (being) chose for our body (human) to follow.

Dharma is an individual piece of the Universe within us, co-existing & co-creating with the aspects of the Universe out side of us & all around us. Dharma is no different than the concept of life purpose. There is no black and white answer when discussing this concept but it is ultimately concerned with knowing one self via means of self-realization.

Main characteristics of dharma:

– Refers to both the material (mundane) & spiritual (supra-mundane) worlds

– It is the Mental Body (worth noting the mental body is the third subtle body, third layer of our aura, directly linked to the Solar Plexus chakra.
Working on this chakra pulls us closer to our inner power, strength, confidence to assist us in achieving the purpose we came here to fulfil). The Solar Plexus chakra is fuelled by the masculine power of the Sun, it is the centre of life force energy. This chakra is the key to our true selves and thus our Dharma as who we are is interlinked with what, whom & why we are here to be.

– Dharma is a human beings duty.
Dharma are the acts fit to be carried out by us in this life time according to our inner responsibilities/sense of

– Dharma is the permanent Universal truth, Dharma is the laws of nature and the nature of laws.

As we are human beings, dharma is concerned with the ‘being’ part as only in state of stillness, seclusion & detachment do we really feel and hear our true selves. The human aspect of our existence is the only potential & real block in our journey to self-realization, our personal journey & relationship to Dharma – to our Ultimate (Higher) Self.

As human beings we are all capable of realizing Dharma. In fact, it is a duty we owe to our Higher Self in each life time. Direct realization of dharma on an individual level is superior to relying on speculation/traditional beliefs/culture/religion.

Direct realization of dharma requires us to listen to our inner voice above ALL other voices. This requires us to detach from our culture, ego(human/animal like)-conscience, societal expectations & ‘norms’, & handed down fear-based belief systems, conditioning & programming. We can easily get lost in the echoes of all of these voices which we have been exposed to since birth but once we access our dharma, once we discern the inner voice (intuition) from the echoes of the external word & our ego, our inner voice acts like a guiding light towards self-realization, fulfilment, oneness with All – perceiving self as creation experiencing creation and co-creating on a no beginning/no end sense of existence (Dharma). Accessing our dharma is igniting our inner unique spark, the expression of the Creator within us.

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