Accessing & Aligning with Dharma

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Trail of Joy

What makes you feel joyful? What makes you heart sing? What makes you soul shine? What makes you feel alive? What makes you feel as though life is worth living? The core means of accessing dharma is being aware of what joy means, looks like to us, what joy calls out to us. The awareness comes first, following the catalysts of what brings us joy is the beginning step of not only realizing dharma, but also aligning with it. Follow your bliss for it is the quickest route towards home.

Tracking Synchronicities

Synchronicity refers to series of events that appear to be random which upon reflection becomes evident to be building one big picture – one big next step. Synchronicity is a form of phenomenon – a key tool of the Universe to communicate & interact with our thoughts, intuition & decision making. It is a tool it uses to show us we are on the right path, following the right path. It is a sign we are aligning with our dharma and where it is bringing us. When we listen to our inner guidance it illuminates these synchronicities. When we follow our inner guidance, it provides more synchronicities to further our knowledge of our path, bringing us a sense of ease, confirmation & further instructions towards inner & thus external alignment. It is worth taking note of any & all synchronised events/appearances/stimuli/occurrences that show up in our life and to follow their clues. The more awareness of synchronicities in our life expands, the easier it will be to recognise and follow them. Moreover, this strengthens & grows our relationship with our intuition, making it the trust process of understanding & following it easier.

Detachment – the Art of Letting Go

Being willing and able to identify and let go of the things, people, beliefs & behaviours that do not serve us or our purpose may seem like the most difficult but it is the most crucial step in aligning & following dharma. Detachment allows us to be whom and what we came here to be and thus do. Yet we cannot discover whom and what we truly are without first releasing all the parts we have identify with but that are not aligned with our inner being, thus our purpose. We can not know who we are with out letting go of all things and ideas of what we are not.When we attach, when we do not let go we weigh our selves down. We ground our grown new self in the outgrown expired reality that acted as a catalyst for our growth. By doing this we block our dharma. It is only through conscious detachment, through letting go can we make room the things, situations & relationships that align with our inner purpose, our path of growth, our dharma.

When we close one door, five more open.

Sustaining through Practice

Once we identify and begin to align with our dharma, it becomes our responsibility to continue down the path of dharma. We can unlearn false beliefs & conditioning, but we can not unlearn nor escape truth after we encounter it, same way we can not escape our dharma once we acknowledge it. Ignorance is no different to ignoring, and being ignorant towards the self, towards our dharma is the only sin of our existence. It is the main pathway towards a painful, hell-like existence. For this reason, once we acknowledge & identify our dharma, we must listen to and follow it by practicing whatever it is on a regular basis. Practice in essence becomes the path towards mastery of dharma. This path is completed and marked by our exit of this planet in this life time, meaning that as long as we are alive we are on a path of mastery. Therefore, it is not about completion of the path as much as it is about the journey. The more we practice, the closer we get to mastery.It is up to us to identify which methods align us with our dharma, whether it be yoga, guided/silent/conscious intention meditation, nature, art, singing, writing – we must make it a ritual to include the correct methods for us in our daily lives. This will ensure a sustainable alignment on the path of dharma, with our High Self and thus being One with All. It allows us to be and stay an active player as the Creator puzzle piece we are in the Big picture of The Universe.

The way of BE-ing

To somewhat counteract the above step in the path of dharma, it is just as important to make time in our daily lives to do nothing – to simply be. Our dharma is heavily blocked by our programming and conditioning to be human do-ers, concerned with constant need for action to a point where we are restless and anxious most of the time. To be is to access our natural state and thus our Dharma. For many of us mindfulness & meditation practice is essential in un-learning and releasing the conditioning of do-ing and the nervous affects this has on our psyche and functioning. Via meditation we learn to connect with our natural state – the state of being.Stillness and being is they key to building & maintaining our relationship to our intuition. When we allow ourselves to simply be, we give space for our intuition to connect and provide dharmic vision. If we make the conscious choice to step away from phones, social media, technology in general and invite more time of being in our lives, we access opportunities to realign with the cycles of nature, the energy of The Universe and the centre of our Being – our Higher Self. This is the centre of self-discovery & self-realization with no beginning and no end – it is the centre of Dharma.

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The realization, practice & implementation of Dharma is our ultimate desire to be here today, to be alive. Without aligning with our dharma, we will be stuck in cycles of hell-like human experience and feel out of balance/place, depressed and unfulfilled regardless of material things, places & experiences. When each of us individually and openly practice using our joys, talents & gifts to express ourselves, to be the expression of the Creator we came here to be – we co-create and thus participate in a society of Dharmic being – conscious beings just like The Creator intended us to be. How we used to be and how we will be once more. A more conscious Mother Earth is some thing we need now more than ever and as each of us individually unlock & express our Dharma & follow our path, the closer we bring this planet towards Unity – towards Home.

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